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eNewsclipping service is one of the highly appreciated intranet-based services of Bangladesh Bank Library (BBL). Library professionals clip and upload daily news from national and international papers covering banking, financial markets, budgets, monetary policy, national and international economies, capital market, agriculture, various developmental and contemporary issues. The purpose of this service is to let employee of Bangladesh Bank to access the news sitting at their desks from a single module of BB's Intranet Portal.


'Book Review Program' organized by the library has represented it with a new dimension to the officials and employees of Bangladesh Bank. The library has created the opportunity to culture a particular book among the reader-folk through book review program. On the one hand, this initiative has made readers interested in reading books; on the other hand, reader community is being able to understand the messages of that particular book without even reading it.


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Through the recently organized 'Book Donation Program', Bangladesh Bank has distributed free books and magazines among the officials and employees of the bank.


The macroeconomic scenario of the country is being displayed through different signage and information display monitor of library. The major economic indicator such as Exchange rate of Taka, Foreign Exchange Reserve, Wage earner's remittance inflow, Inflation, Interest rate (average), Money supply, National income aggregates etc.


There are 7 kiosks in Bangladesh Bank Library, of which 2 are used for eLibrary and eNewsclipping Searching, 1 for Scholarship and Training Information Searching, 1 for Bangladesh Bank's General Information, 1 for IR Resources Searching and 2 for viewing Virtual Currency Museum Information.


There are 2 RFID Self-Check Kiosks (SCKs) for issuing library resources by users themselves.


The gallery display different important photos covering Governors, Deputy Governors, and Board Members with biography, BB Murals, Sculptures, Branch Offices, Recent Activities, BB Awardees of Bangladesh Bank in different signage.


To uphold the ideology of Bangabandhu and the sentiment of liberation war BBL has added 'Bangabandhu O Muktijuddho Corner' to its services to enlighten banking sector. Books, important publications, portraits and documentaries on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's life are available at the corner. The corner also has rare books, photos, movies on the Liberation War.


'British Council and Bangladesh Bank Corner' is in collaboration with the British Council Bangladesh. The Corner at Bangladesh Bank Library's premises is also referred to as 'British Council Satellite Library'. Under the Service Level Agreement (SLA), employees who become member of British Council paying subsidized membership fee can avail books and other resources from this Satellite Library as well as British Council.