BFIU Home Functions
1. Receive Suspicious Transaction/Activity Reports (STRs/SARs) from the reporting organizations and Cash Transaction Reports (CTRs) from banks, complaints from different sources, analyze the same and disseminate ML/TF related cases to respective investigating authority for further action.
2. Maintain a database of all STRs/SARs and CTRs and related information.
3. Issue necessary directives, circulars, circular letters and Guidance Notes from time to time for reporting organizations to combat money laundering and terrorist financing activities.
5. Enforce compliance of the respective Acts and rules/regulations/directives issued by this unit through on-site and off-site supervision of the reporting organizations.
6. Monitoring the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) including UNSCR 1267 and its successors, UNSCR 1373 and UN Security Council Resolutions related to proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and it’s financing.
7. Impart training for the officials of the reporting organizations, investigating authorities, prosecutors, regulatory agencies and other related organizations or institutions.
8. Cooperate and work together with various international organizations including FATF, APG, World Bank, Egmont group, United Nation Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) etc regarding AML/CFT issues.
9. Perform the secretarial job for National Coordination Committee (NCC) on AML/CFT, Working Committee (WC) and take necessary steps to implement the decisions taken in the NCC, WC.
10. Work as the secretariat of Inter Agency task Force for Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR).
11. Perform activities related with the Central Task Force on preventing ML and illegal Hundi activities and monitoring the implementation of the decisions of the meeting.
12. Arrange regular meeting with Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), police and other law enforcement authorities and monitor the implementation of the decisions.
13. Create public awareness.
14. Carry out other related functions to prevent money laundering and combat financing of terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

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