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Bangladesh Bank Open Data Initiative

Bangladesh Bank took another step forward in making its vast repository of data accessible to the general public. Data from the Monthly Economic Trends publication can now be easily downloaded by anyone interested, free of cost, into an Excel file . This includes detailed data, some dating back almost twenty years, on balance of payments, money supply, various consumer price indices, national accounts, stock price indices, interest rates, remittances, exchange rates, commodity prices and tax revenue. This file will be updated monthly.

Moreover for those researchers interested in analyzing time series data as far back as 1972 the Statistics Department has prepared a historical data set in Excel which includes the indicators in the Monthly Economic Trends Publication. This file will be updated yearly.

For detailed banking sector data please click on the following link which has all the Excel tables in the latest edition of the quarterly Scheduled Bank Statistics  publication. For a detailed analysis of some of this data you will also find attached our first Financial Stability report which presents summary statistics and analysis of the banking sector.

Data on the weighted average rate of interest on deposits and loans for each bank is now available. In addition to this summary data we also have detailed interest rate data by type of deposit and loan product. We will progressively bring out other data in easily downloadable format, and develop new user-friendly applications, as part of this "Bangladesh Bank Open data initiative" to promote greater use of data for more effective policymaking.

The Bank also compiles and publishes a range of economic data in html format.

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bullet.gif   Interest Rate Spread.
bullet.gif   Deposits distributed by types of account.
bullet.gif   Deposits distributed by sectors and types.
bullet.gif   Advance Classified by economic purposes.
bullet.gif   Advance Classified by major economic purposes and sectors.
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Financial Inclusion and Digital Financial Statistics
bullet.gif   Branch Statistics
bullet.gif   ATM, POS, CDM and CRM Statistics
bullet.gif   Issued Cards and Transaction Statistics
bullet.gif   ATM, POS, CRM and e-Commerce Transaction Statistics by Cards
bullet.gif   Local and Foreign Currency Transaction Statistics by Cards
bullet.gif   Interbank Transaction Statistics
bullet.gif   Internet Banking Statstics
bullet.gif   Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Statistics: Part-1
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bullet.gif   Agent Banking Statistics: Part-1
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bullet.gif   School Banking Statistics
bullet.gif   Special Accounts Statistics
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
bullet.gif   Overall Position of FDI
bullet.gif   Area & Component wise overall FDI Inflows
bullet.gif   Area and Component-wise FDI Net Inflows
bullet.gif   FDI Net Inflows by component
bullet.gif   FDI Gross Inflows classified by Major Countries and Sectors
bullet.gif   FDI Net Inflows classified by Major Countries and Sectors
bullet.gif   Component-wise FDI Stock position
bullet.gif   FDI stock classified by Major Countries and Sectors
Private Sector External Debt Statistics
bullet.gif   Total External Debt Position of Bangladesh
bullet.gif   External Debt Composition of Bangladesh
bullet.gif   Private Sector External Debt of Bangladesh
bullet.gif   Approved Amount, Debt Services & Outstanding Position of Private Sector External Debt (MLT)
bullet.gif   Country Wise Private Sector External Debt (Medium and Long Term) Position
bullet.gif   Sector-wise Private Sector External Debt (Medium and Long Term) Position
bullet.gif   Instrument Wise Private Sector External Debt Position
bullet.gif   Key External Debt Indicators of Bangladesh
Balance of Payment
bullet.gif   Balance of payments
bullet.gif   Commodity wise export shipments
bullet.gif   Commodity-wise import statistics recorded by customs
bullet.gif   Services and income account
bullet.gif   Wage earners' remittances inflows
bullet.gif   Graphical presentation of some indicators of BOP
bullet.gif   The overall position of export receipts [Quarterly] [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Commodity-wise export receipts [Quarterly] [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Major country/commodity-wise export receipts [Quarterly][Yearly]
bullet.gif   Export Receipts of Bangladesh by Major Commodities [Quarterly][Yearly]
bullet.gif   Bloc/Group/Community - wise export receipts [Quarterly] [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Country-wise export receipts [Quarterly]
bullet.gif   Export Receipts of Bangladesh by Major Countries [Quarterly][Yearly]
bullet.gif   Export of Export Processing Zone (EPZ)
bullet.gif  Export Receipts of Services
bullet.gif   The overall position of import payments [Quarterly]   [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Major commodity-wise import payments  
bullet.gif   Commodity-wise import payments  [Quarterly]   [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Major country/commodity-wise import payments [Quarterly]  [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Top twenty import countries
bullet.gif   Bloc/Group/Community - wise Import payments [Quarterly]  [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Total import payments by countries / territories [Quarterly]  [Yearly]
bullet.gif   Imports of EPZ
bullet.gif   Category-wise import payments
bullet.gif   Import Payments of Services
bullet.gif  Import LCs
     Monthly position of Import LC
     Sector wise Statement of Without LC Imports
     Weekly position of Import LC
     Weekly Data Relating to L/C Opening & Settlement
     Value & Quantity of some selected items