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Cost of Funds Index (CoFI) of the Non Bank Financial Institutions.

ParticularsOct, 2022Nov, 2022Dec, 2022Jan, 2023Feb, 2023Mar, 2023Apr, 2023May, 2023Jun, 2023Jul, 2023Aug, 2023Sep, 2023Oct, 2023
Cost of funds6.576.66.516.657.16.847.
Adjusted Cost of funds7.577.487.397.598.127.798.

Cost of Funds is the weighted average interest rate of the interest-bearing liabilities of a non bank financial institution. Cost of Funds Index (CoFI) reflects the weighted average interest rate reported for a given month by the non bank financial institutions.

There are two computation of cost of funds; one is for all the interest-bearing funds and the other is for the interest-bearing funds excluding the low-cost specific purpose scheme funds (adjusted cost of funds).

CoFI serves as the reference rate for pricing the variable interest loan products. In setting the variable interest rate of a new loan, NBFIs will add margin to the industry CoFI or Adjusted CoFI . Bangladesh Bank issued guidelines on the Base Rate System for the NBFIs through DFIM Circular No.-06, dated- 20 August 2013. The guidelines provide more details on the CoFI.