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Dec, 2022
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Dec, 2022
Dec, 2021
1. Currency Outside banks2681815252982021072316.0127.27
2. Deposits of Financial Institutions with Bangladesh Bank (except DMBs)*6180602356932.618.55
3. Demand Deposits with DMBs*1837414179578016801862.329.36
4. Time Deposits with DMBs*130542771307310112413240-0.145.16
5. Money Supply (M1) (1+2+3)4525409433162337931104.4719.31
6. Money Supply(M2) (4+5)1757968617404724162063501.018.47

Source : Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bank
  Note: * Excludes Inter bank Deposits and Government Deposits.
p := Provisional