Bangladesh Bank

Deposit Insurance Systems (DIS) is now protecting your Deposits in the Bank and insurance benefits in the unlikely event of a number of Banks. Deposit insurance is a system established by the Government of Bangladesh to protect depositors against the loss of their deposits in the event that a scheduled bank is unable to meet its obligations.

Deposit Insurance Systems (DIS)

A sound, competitive banking system is important to a nation's economic strength. Every scheduled Bank plays an important role as the intermediation of funds from depositors to consumers and investors as well as in the transmission of monetary policy. So, public confidence in banking sectors is very crucial. Deposit Insurance Systems (DIS) is the key element in maintaining confidence and promoting financial stability through increasing saving in the banking sectors.

Deposit Insurance Systems is a measure to protect bank depositors, in full or in part, from losses caused by a bank's inability to pay its debts when owing. Deposit Insurance Systems is one of the components of financial safety net that is meant to promote financial stability.

Importance of DIS:

Deposit Insurance plays a key role in maintenance of financial stability by sustaining public confidence in the banking system through protecting depositors, especially small and less sophisticated depositors, against loss of deposit to a significant extent.