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Mobile Financial Services (MFS) comparative summary statement of March, 2022 and April, 2022

Serial no. Description Amount in March, 2022 Amount in April, 2022 % Change (March, 2022 to April, 2022)
A. Industry Wise Information
1No. of Banks currently providing the Services1212
2No. of agents116337911771481.18%
3No. of registered clients in Lac1090.871108.241.59%
4No. of active accounts in Lac*448.34455.711.64%
5No. of total transaction360195455.00379399820.005.33%
6Total transaction in taka(in crore BDT)77212.6492933.0320.36%
7No. of daily average transaction11619208.0012646661.008.84%
8Average daily transaction (in crore BDT)2490.733097.7724.37%
B.Product Wise Information Amount (in crore BDT)Amount (in crore BDT)
   1Inward Remittance260.08384.2947.76%
   2Cash In transaction23707.2127740.4317.01%
   3Cash Out Transaction21071.6725633.7021.65%
   4P2P transaction22288.5726269.2117.86%
   5Salary Disbursement (B2P)2877.935031.6774.84%
   6Utility Bill Payment (P2B)1232.141330.818.01%
   7Merchant Payment2794.942568.29-8.11%
   8Government Payment182.25617.62238.89%

[1 lac = 0.10 million and 1 crore = 10 million]

Actual No of days in month has been used for average calculations.

*Account in which transaction made in last 3 (Three) Months.