Bangladesh Bank

Result of the Auction of 14-Day Treasury Bill held on 07 December, 2023

Date: 10 December, 2023
Serial: 05/2023- 532

Auction No. 28/2023-24 of 14-Day Treasury Bill (T.Bill) was held on Thursday, 07 December 2023. Of which, 119 bids amounting to Taka 12,264.34 crore were offered against the pre-targeted amount of Taka 6,000.00 crore for 14-Day T.Bill. Of those, 89 bids were accepted amounting to Taka 8,216.54 crore for 14-Day T.Bill by the auction committee. The range of the implicit yields of the accepted bids was 9.25-10.15 percent per annum.