Bangladesh Bank

Result of the Auction of Repo, Liquidity Support Facility, Standing Lending Facility and IBLF held on 21 January 2024

Date: 21 January, 2024
Serial: 05/2024-31

The auction of Bangladesh Bank repo, assured liquidity support facility, standing lending facility for the commercial banks and financial institutions and Islamic Banks Liquidity Facility (IBLF) for shari’ah based banks was held on Thursday, 18 January 2024. In that auction, 02 banks submitted 03 bids amounting to Taka 76.14 crore overnight repo facility for 03 days (holidays), 23 banks and 01 financial institution submitted 121 bids amounting to Taka 9,376.60 crore for 07 days tenor repo facility, 15 PD banks submitted 79 bids amounting to taka 6,051.34 crore as assured liquidity support facility for 03 days (holidays), 01 bank submitted 01 bid amounting to Taka 329.00 crore as standing lending facility for 03 days (holidays) and 02 banks submitted 02 bids amounting to Taka 1,025.00 crore for 14 days tenor Islamic Banks liquidity facility. All bids were accepted by the auction committee. Accordingly, a total amount of Taka 16,858.08 crore was provided under repo, assured liquidity support facility, standing lending facility and IBLF. The interest rates of the above-mentioned overnight & 07 days tenor repo, assured liquidity support facility and standing lending facility were 7.75, 7.85, 7.75 and 9.75 percent per annum, respectively and the range of Expected Profit Rate (EPR) for 14 days tenor Islamic Banks Liquidity Facility was 7.50-8.00 percent.