Bangladesh Bank

Date: 27 February, 2024
Serial: 05/2024-80

Statement of affairs of the Bangladesh Bank Banking Department as on 25 January 2024

Liabilities Taka Assets Taka
Capital Paid Up30,000,000Notes14,676,000
Reserve Fund4,250,500,000Taka Coin-
Rural Credit Fund7,400,000,000Subsidiary Coin-
Industrial Credit Fund2,087,852,000Bills Purchased & Discounted
Export Credit Fund1,300,000,000(a) Internal -
Agricultural Credit Stabilisation Fund7,400,000,000(b) External-
Deposits:-(c) Govt. Try. Bills-
(a) Government5,052,000Balances held outside Bangladesh **394,513,015,000
(b) Banks639,305,829,000Special Drawing Rights held with the IMF5,804,403,000
(c) Others156,131,460,000Loans and Advances to Government156,172,400,000
795,442,341,000Government's Debtor Balances-
Allocation of Special Drawing Rights226,205,579,000Other Loans and Advances848,512,860,000
Bills Payable19,328,000Investments679,734,813,000
Other Liabilities1,955,997,224,000Other Assets915,380,657,000
TOTAL LIABILITIES3,000,132,824,000TOTAL ASSETS3,000,132,824,000

**Includes Cash & Short Term Securities

Statement of affairs of the Bangladesh Bank Banking Department as on 25 January 2024

Liabilities Taka Assets Taka
Notes held in the Banking Department14,676,000A. Gold Coin and Bullion18,388,774,000
Notes in Circulation*2,824,503,945,000Silver Bullion450,082,000
Special drawing rights held with the International Monetary Fund -
Approved Foreign Exchange1,900,000,000,000
Total Notes Issued2,824,518,621,0001,918,838,856,000
B. Taka Coin1,740,622,000
Government of Bangladesh Securities**874,059,705,000
Internal Bills of Exchange & other Commercial Papers29,879,438,000
TOTAL LIABILITIES2,824,518,621,000TOTAL ASSETS2,824,518,621,000

*The Statement with regard to 'Notes in circulation' is made without prejudice to the claims of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh / Bangladesh Bank for obtaining value from the Government of Pakistan/State Bank of Pakistan in respect of Pakistani Currency Notes demonetized and withdrawn from circulation

**Includes Special Ad-hoc Treasury bills Issued for providing assets against Issue of Bangladeshi Notes in replacement of Pakistani Notes.

(Habibur Rahman)
Deputy Director