Bangladesh Bank

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SL Publish Date Publications Publication Period
12022-06-30Selected Indicators detail..30 June, 2022
22022-06-30Special Publication detail..Policy Measures of Bangladesh Bank in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic_Second Edition
32022-06-29Report on Capital Market Development in Bangladesh detail..May, 2022
42022-06-29NBFIs Statistics detail..January-March,2022
52022-06-27Monthly Report On Agricultural and Rural Financing detail..April, 2022
62022-06-26Government Domestic Borrowing detail..April, 2022
72022-06-23Selected Indicators detail..23 June, 2022
82022-06-23Monthly Economic Trends detail..June 2022
92022-06-22Monthly Report On Agricultural and Rural Financing detail..March, 2022
102022-06-21Scheduled Banks Statistics detail..January-March, 2022
112022-06-16Selected Indicators detail..16 June, 2022
122022-06-13Monthly Report On Agricultural and Rural Financing detail..February, 2022
132022-06-12Quarterly Review Report on Sustainable Finance detail..January-March, 2022
142022-06-12Bangladesh Bank Quarterly detail..January-March, 2022
152022-06-12Trends of Major Economic Indicators detail..31 May 2022
162022-06-09Agent Banking Activities detail..January- March 2022
172022-06-09Selected Indicators detail..09 June 2022
182022-06-07Bank Parikrama detail..April-May, 2022
192022-06-05Quarterly Review on Money and Exchange Rate detail..January-March, 2022