Bangladesh Bank
(In million US$)
Items2019-20R2020-21P% Changes
3 over 2
      A. Food grains16722680.5060.32
          1. Rice21.50850.903857.67
          2. Wheat1650.501829.6010.85
      B. Consumer goods3705.204155.6012.16
          1. Milk & cream341.20344.100.85
          2. Spices351.10404.4015.18
          3. Edible oil1617.301926.4019.11
          4. Pulses (all sorts)662.206812.84
          5. Sugar733.40799.709.04
      C. Intermediate goods31912.6038306.9020.04
          i) Petroleum goods5357.508985.1067.71
          1. Crude petroleum730.902616.40257.97
          2. POL4626.606368.7037.65
          ii) RMG related goods13024.6014069.308.02
          1. Raw cotton2960.6031867.61
          2. Yarn19012435.9028.14
       3. Textile and articles thereof6380.2065532.71
          4. Staple fibre1085.501039.50-4.24
          5. Dyeing and tanning materials697.30854.9022.60
          iii) Other intermediate goods13530.5015252.5012.73
          1. Clinker878.601048.2019.30
          2. Oil seeds1182.701406.1018.89
          3. Chemicals2533.402973.7017.38
          4. Pharmaceutical products293.80363.1023.59
       5. Fertilizer1035.201360.4031.41
          6. Plastics and rubber articles thereof2609.803168.1021.39
          7. Iron, steel & other base metals49974932.90-1.28
      D. Capital goods11108.9013011.9017.13
       1. Capital machinery3581.303824.506.79
          2. Other capital goods7527.609187.4022.05
      E. Others n.i.e.63867439.8016.50
      Grand Total 54784.7065594.7019.73
          Of which: EPZ3487.703488.60

* Note: Exports and Imports both are compiled on the basis of shipment data
* Disinvestment, repayments of loans & loss have been deducted as per BPM6 and it includes in financial account calculation instead of gross FDI R:Revised, P : Provisional, RP: Revised but still Provisional