Bangladesh Bank
(In million US$)
Items2019-20R2020-21P% Changes
3 over 2
       Services (Net)-2577.60-3002
             1. Transportation573.40852.6048.69
             2. Travel320.10218.50-31.74
             3. Telecommunications, computer and information services464.50436.60-6.01
             4. Other business services884.40922.904.35
             5. Government services2888.802673.80-7.44
             6. Others n.i.e.1585.202334.8047.29
             1. Transportation5287.306364.2020.37
             2. Travel699.70422.70-39.59
                Of which : Health related services1.601.70
                   Education related services218243.10
             3. Telecommunications, computer and information services104.90104.30-0.57
             4. Other business services727.60640.80-11.93
             5. Government services224.80506.30125.22
             6.. Others n.i.e.2249.702402.906.81
      Primary Income (Net)-3069.60-3171.90
             1. Investment Income99.20120.20
                Direct investment5.301.90
                   Of which interest0.100
                Portfolio investment0.100
                   Of which interest00
                Other investment93.80118.30
                   Of which interest12.906.60
             2. Others n.i.e.75.1096.80
             1. Investment Income28302903
                Direct investment1082.101252.80
                   Of which interest5.305.30
                Portfolio investment171.90225.80
                   Of which interest2.302.10
                Other investment15761424.40
                   Of which interest952902
          2. Reinvested earnings414.40486.30
          3. Others n.i.e.-0.50-0.40

* Note: Exports and Imports both are compiled on the basis of shipment data
* Disinvestment, repayments of loans & loss have been deducted as per BPM6 and it includes in financial account calculation instead of gross FDI R:Revised, P : Provisional, RP: Revised but still Provisional