Bangladesh Bank
Foreign Aid Receipts and Debt Repayments*
(million US Dollar)
Particulars FY21 FY22R FY23P
1.  Receipts 7957.56 10969.29 9267.32
    i) Food Aid 16.50 18.96 52.50
    ii) Project Aid 7941.06 10950.33 9214.82
2.  Repayments (MLT)* 1914.81 2017.96 2670.22
    i) Principal 1418.63 1526.71 1734.56
    ii) Interest 496.18 491.25 935.66
3.  Outstanding external debt (MLT) as of end June 50879.95 55601.72 62312.72
4.  Outstanding debt as percentage of GDP 12.22 12.08 13.73
5.  External debt services payment (MLT)
as percentage of exports
5.19 4.10 5.10

Note: i) Debt outstanding is not equal to loan disbursed minus loan paid due to other adjustment such currency fluctuation, loan writes off etc.; ii) Repayment does not include loan write-offs, IMF Credits and Some Special Borrowings by Ministry of Food, Bangladesh Shipping Corporation, Bangladesh Biman, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation, Defense and Private sector.

* Excluding transactions with the IMF;

R= Revised; P= Provisional; MLT= Medium to Long Term

Source: (i) Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Finance, (ii) Statistics Department, Bangladesh Bank.