Bangladesh Bank
In order for a Deposit Insurance Systems to be effective it is essential that the public be informed about the benefits and limitations of the Deposit Insurance Systems. The characteristics of a Deposit Insurance Systems should be publicized regularly to maintain and strengthen public confidence. The major goals of a public awareness program are for the deposit insurer to accomplish its public policy objectives and enhance the effectiveness of a Deposit Insurance Systems through public education to promote the stability of the financial system. Thus public confidence in these systems is very important. A successful public awareness program can convey accurate messages and build trust among depositors.

Public Awareness Features

  • Builds Public Confidence: Regular inform depositors about the important functions, the benefits, and limitations of depositor protection arrangements. Convinced depositors that it is their interest that a Deposit Insurance Systems is protecting.
  • Contract point for depositors/stakeholders: Understand and manage depositor's expectations and build trust and relationship with the public.
  • Financial literacy: Develop more capacity to learn about DIS.

Public Awareness: Communication tools

  • Holding international symposiums and professional seminars for financial institutions
  • Organizing open seminars for the general public

Public Awareness: Communication materials

  • Educational materials - Fliers, pamphlets, brochures and annual report
  • Multi-media - TV, radio, newspapers and magazines
  • Hot line-16236
  • A customer service e-mailbox and a fax line-
  • Bangladesh Bank website-Deposit Insurance Department