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Bangladesh achieves Ba3(Moody's) with stable outlook for the 11th consecutive years and BB-(Standard and Poor's) with stable outlook for the 10th consecutive years. Fitch Ratings affirmed BB- with stable outlook for the 7th time.
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  DOS Circular Letter No. 18: Starting Normal Banking Business  Bangla  download   
  DOS Circular Letter No. 17: Keeping scheduled bank branches of garments industry area open on 22 and 23 May, 2020 for the payment of garment workers' wages, bonus and other allowances before Eid-ul-Fitr  Bangla  download   
  BRPD Circular Letter No. 28: Implementation of Instructions at Technical Guidelines on COVID-19 for Banks issued by DGHS under Ministry of Health  Bangla  download   
  BRPD Circular Letter No. 27: Special Incentives for the Bankers' working at Bank premises during the General Holidays for COVID-19 Pandemic declared by the Government  Bangla  download   
  BRPD Circular Letter No. 26:Conducting Board Meeting through video conference to prevent outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19  Bangla  download   
  FEPD Circular No. 21: Enhancement of loan limit from Export Development Fund (EDF)    English  download 
  PSD Circular No. 04 : Disbursement of Cash assistance for 50 Lac distressed families through MFS  Bangla  download   
  DMD Circular No. 02: Term Repo (360 Days) facilities to mitigate the crisis due to novel corona virus (COVID19)  Bangla  download   
  FEPD Circular Letter No. 20: Cash incentives against remittance sent in legitimate way  Bangla  download   
  DCMPS Circular Letter No. Fake notes:01(Policy)/2007-191 : Steps to be taken by the Scheduled Banks after detection of fake notes  Bangla  download   
  DCMPS Circular Letter No. Fake notes:01(Policy)/2007-309 : Steps to be taken to prevent the intrusion of fake notes in Banking transaction  Bangla  download   
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