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Modern Period

  • Copper Coins of East India Company (1757-1858)
  • British Period: Silver, Copper and Bronze Coins of British Emperors (1612-1947), Queen Victoria (1837-1901), Victoria Empress (1837-1901), Edward VII (1901-1910), George V (1910-1936), George VI (1936-1947) and Edward VIII (20 January 1936-11 December 1936)
  • Coins and paper money of East Pakistan (1947-1971)
  • Banknotes and coins of Bangladesh (1972-2014)
  • Commemorative Coins and Notes of Bangladesh
  • Banknotes of some extinct countries:
  • Burma; Czechoslovakia; Yugoslavia. Ceylon, Zaire, Transnatia, Japan Philippine, and Japan-Burma.
  • Metal coins of some extinct countries:
  • Belize Congo, America ruled Philippine, Portuguese Cape Verde, French Madagascar, French Tunisia, South Vietnam, Katanga, Ottoman, Muscat and Oman, British Nigeria, Portuguese India, Zanzibar, West Africa, Tibet, Rhodesia, Zambia, Ceylon etc.
  • Rare Banknotes of Different Countries (Early 20th Century A.D.)
  • Banknotes and Coins of Different Countries: 150 Countries:
  • Asia: Afghanistan, Bahrain, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Palestine, Pakistan, Philippine, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Vietnam,
  • Australia: Australia, Haiti, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa,
  • Africa: Botswana, Burundi, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Rwanda, Republic of Djibouti ,Tunisia, Uganda , Zambia,
  • Europe: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Cyprus, France, England, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Nederland Antilles, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Scotland, Seychelles, Ukraine,
  • North America: America, Canada, Cuba, Guyana, Jamaica, United States of America,
  • South America: Argentina, Bolivar, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Falkland Island, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela,
  • Oceania and Other Islands: Republic of Palau, Kiribati, Tuvalu,
  • Others Objects:
  • Prize Bond, Cheque, Approved Design of Different Denominations of Notes and Coins, Bags of Businessman, Packing System, and Collector instruments are displaying here in Taka Museum.
  • Dioramas:
  • Besides these coins and paper notes there are three beautiful dioramas to display the ancient exchange system of our forefathers. One can observe the gradual changes of exchange system of the past through these dioramas. Barter system is displayed in the first diorama. In this diorama there is a scenario of exchanging a cow with few full sack of rice. Before the invention of money people collect their product through barter system. In the second diorama there is a scenario of selling jute to a merchant by a farmer. And in third one monetary activity, modes of savings and modern banking system are displayed.

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